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Chicago Storm
Chicago Storm
Wells Street Bridge
Wells Street Bridge

Vacation in the Mist

The Pier

The Countryside

Sweeping Sky

Sun's Out*

Storm's A Coming*

Roman Bridge

Realized Dreams

Perfect Day

Peaceful Harbor

Maine Mist

Green Peace

City Lightning*

Chicago River Sunset

Beach in Puerto Vallarta

A Day at the Beach

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta

DistantCity 1*

DistantCity 2

Seaside Chairs

City Reflection

Chicago Skyline Looking Southward*

Moonlight Reflection

Gringo Gulch


Coconut Vendor


Field of Violet

Tulips in Bloom

The Orchid

The Iris

Red Flower


A Bit of Paradise

Glorious Ones  

Calla Lilies

Mind Your Ps and Qs

Abstract in Blue*

Through the Rear View Mirror

The Stretch

Live Wires*

Abstract in Red & Black

At the Crossroads 

Colorful Hand

Electric Sky

Modern Geometry

Smooth Sailing

Summer Heat*

Hot Colors Abstract

Abstract Squares

Purple Center Abstract

Red City

Maryland Sunset*
Willis Tower*

Dark City*

*Original not available. Can be purchased as giclee (print) or on notecard.